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Written by Colin Murray   
Wednesday, 12 September 2007

They said it couldn't be done, but it looks like Shinji Hamanaga may have proved "them" wrong. Hamanaga was a brass instrument designer at Yamaha and the genius behind the Silent Brass mute system. He started his own company "Best Brass" in 1999 and introduced new practice mutes (electronic and otherwise) for brass, as well as a host of brass mouthpieces and other gadgets. Saxophonists (but mostly everyone else!) had complained for years that the world lacked a simple, effective and non-violent device for reducing the sound of a saxophonists practicing. (I wonder if Mr.Hamanaga is working on a saxophone sixteenth-note limiter...). Well, folks, behold the e-Sax...
e-Sax saxophone quieter-downer

Sure, there was the Humes & Berg "Clarinet Practicer", which was a cardboard box that went around the clarinet with two holes for your hands (sadly, I was unable to obtain a photo, so if anyone out there has a copy of an old Humes & Berg catalogue, please email us.) Mr.Hamanaga has effectively adapted that primitive design and updated it through the use of electronics, enabling you to hear yourself in a simulated room environment (through headphones) while recording yourself playing along with a CD. It also looks like he may have inadvertently stumbled across a solution to cold-weather marching.e-sax saxophone silencer and hand warmer

If you've purchased one of these or have tried one, why not post your observations in our "New and/or Cool" section in the forum?

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