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Written by Colin Murray   
Saturday, 27 October 2007

York Brass
Instruments will finally be available in North America very soon, distributed by Sonare Winds, a division of Powell Flutes of Boston. Although the York instruments were introduced in Europe last February, legal wrangliings over ownership of the York name in the United States prevented Sonare from selling the instruments there. (The rights to the J.W. York and Sons Band Instruments name was owned by someone else.)

The York Brass line has risen from the ashes of the spectacular demise of Besson in late 2005, and is being headed by John Rogers, the former managing director of Besson who suddenly found himself out of a job back then. Besson's high-end brass instruments were previously assembled in England from parts made at Schreiber-Keilwerth's new factory in Markneukirchen, Germany. When Besson was sold to Buffet-Crampon, Buffet decided to make the cornets at their recently-acquired Courtois factory in France, and the re-engineered euphoniums, tenor horns, tubas and baritones were to be made by Gerhard Meinl in Germany. Since Schreiber-Keilwerth already had all the tooling for the Besson line, they decided to use it as a basis for their new York line, which is not an exact copy of the old Besson, but "retains the characteristic sound" of the British-made horns.

York Brass YO-EU4052 Eminence Euphonium

York Brass has so far been well-received in Britain, the largest market for brass band instruments, and entire sections of the famed Black Dyke band are now using York instruments. Click on the links to read articles that appeared in the last year from 4Bars Rest and The British Bandsman magazine.

For more information on York Brass, visit their website at www.york-brass.com

If you're playing or have played one of the York Brass instruments, please post your comments in our Forum under "New and/or Cool"

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